"I worked with Hasan in Charlotte, NC, and can recommend him as a knowledgeable and competent coach. Hasan tailors the training
process accordingly and can work with players at different stages of their careers. In my case, we were focusing on one-on-one defensive
drills, and I have noticed results already after two weeks of workouts. I am sure that players of various levels will benefit from Hasan's assistance and knowledge."

Michael Kareev
MBA Graduate, Class of 2014
Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

"I've seen Hasan working guys out and he does a really good job putting guys in game situations and perfecting their weaknesses.
Good trainer."

Alexis Ajinca

Previous NBA Teams:
2008-2010 - Charlotte Bobcats
2010-2011 - Dallas Mavericks
2011 - Toronto Raptors

Current Team: 
7'2 Center for the New Orleans Pelicans

"My name is Phillippe' Harris and I played Pro ball in Mexico last season. Since then I have been working out with Hasan and Intense Training and my game has truly expanded!! From conditioning to defense to killer moves on offense!! If you want to take your game to the next level I highly recommend Intense Training! The buck stops here cause there is no other training like Intense Training with Hasan Ahad!!!"

Phillipe Harris

"Hasan Ahad has helped me in the past month that I have worked out with him. There has been a tremendous improvement in my ball handling, basketball IQ and also my shooting. We work on the fundamentals and then work our way into more intense training. Also doing weights to increase my strength on and off the basketball court, Working with Hasan has prepared me for the season here in Chile. I plan to continue to work out with him after the season is over."

Titus Robinson
6'7 Small Forward
Professional Basketball Player
University of Buffalo
Last season played in Australia
Current Team in Luxembourg

"The work I have put in with Hasan has been unbelievable. In Just a short time he took my game and my confidence as well from good to supreme. After just a week of working out with Hasan I could tell a significant difference in my game. I was shooting the ball very very well, my handle was crisp and tight, my reaction time was quicker, and stamina increased by a vast amount. I am a college basketball player at the University Of Maryland Eastern shore. These workouts have played a big role in my success in the college game. Hasan really takes his time and works hands on with his clients. He puts a lot of emphasis on your weaknesses and its very easy for him to pinpoint them after your first workout.
It would be a great benefit and a great experience for anyone that is trying to get to the next level to workout with Hasan. Great guy and a great trainer."

Mark Blackman
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
5'11 Junior Starting Point Guard

"The time I trained with Hasan was eye opening. He Showed me a lot about the game of basketball and myself. I feel he is an innovator to the training world of basketball.

He's great with the fundamentals and pointing out the little things you can fix or add to your game. As I look back I can say I gained a lot. Thanks Hasan."

Grant Maxey
6'6 Small Forward
College: Jackson State
Pro Ball: Kosovo and Iraq

"I Transferred from Belmont Abbey to University of North Carolina, Charlotte. I've been training with Hasan Ahad and I really enjoy it. I learn something new every time I train with him. He works on every aspect of basketball on offense and defense. I have recommended him to a few people already."

Julius Polite.
6'5 University of North Carolina, Charlotte

"My name is Chris Oliver. I attended Radford University and I'm currently playing professional basketball overseas. This is my 8th professional season. I have played in Hungary, Germany, and France. I am currently playing for Cholet Basket in the French Pro A league (1st division). This summer was my first summer working with Hasan and I loved his training. I feel that it has taken my game to another level. For me we did a lot of ball handling drills and my handle feels better than ever before. He helped take my game from playing small forward to playing small forward and shooting guard comfortably. This was my first summer with Hasan but definitely will not be my last."

Chris Oliver 
6'7 Small Forward/Shooting Guard
Current team: Cholet Basket
Country: France. 
Division: Pro A. (1st Division)

"Having had the chance to work with athletes and leaders at the highest levels and being someone who has lived the life of a coach for over 30 years, when I had the chance to watch Hasan in action training his clients, I knew instantly that this man is a true coach. He is meant to be a coach. He is meant to help guide the development of committed basketball players trying to further themselves. He cares about people. His training style has a simple intention to it; make a positive impact on the development of the athlete. It's more than doing drills that develop skills. His training is about helping the athlete work on his/her game. Every training session he is prepared and in the moment ready to help his people develop.

My 12 year old son trains with Hasan. Every part of his game has improved since he started the training, including his "Basketball IQ". My son feels like Hasan's drill work is both challenging and energizing - nothing like learning to dribble with two balls while catching a tennis ball being thrown at you, right? I know that my son respects Hasan's knowledge of the game, as well he should; but more than that what my son likes is that he feels Hasan knows exactly how he will help him become the best he can be. My son has full trust in Hasan.

I also like that it feels like every one of Hasan's clients I meet, no matter what age or level they play, is a cool person to meet; someone who respects the game, wants to train hard, values being well coached and does it all with a positive attitude!"

Eric Hoffberg
Owner at Coach It Forward
Leadership Trainer
Mental Toughness Coach
Author of THINK STRONG For Athletes

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